I have a Psychology undergrad and Project Management Masters. Community work has been a long passion of mine, however, this organization connects closely with the community type that I have had the fortune of growing up in. I have very fond memories of my childhood growing up in a diverse and multicultural community that is now largely defined by a reputation of chaos and its associated safety concerns. I am happy to be in a position to contribute back to the community at large and to connect with parents and youth that are often misunderstood or disadvantaged. The RAJO project takes a unique approach and tackles long-lived trauma which is often carried down by the parents who were fortunate enough to leave those painful environments and seek out safety for us. However, leaving those environments did not necessarily dissolve the traumatic after-effects that are always lurking there unresolved and still very painful. The unintended consequences of those side effects are more likely to get passed along to their children, in some form or another. This is then displayed by the youth while the youth is growing up and affects the youth’s coping mechanisms. This at times disrupts the youth’s learning/education and at worst cases a run-in with the law. We try to intervene before this escalation and hopefully in time to turn the youth in the right direction.

In the The Centre for Resilience & Social Development, I am the Program Manager for the RAJO Youth Empowerment Project for the Ottawa site. My role is in managing and empowering the team to accomplish the objectives of RAJO and ensure its successful delivery and improvements.

We deliver RAJO services in largely 4 forms divided into Tiers. Tier 1 is community Engagement. Tier 2 is school-based programming. Tiers 3&4 are 1on1 psychotherapy sessions with our licensed Clinicians. We network and share our resources with like-minded community partners across Ottawa and Edmonton for more effective delivery and outreach.