About Me

My name is Sabrina. I was born and raised in Ottawa and I’m a passionate advocate for youth empowerment and global equity. I have a history of working in community development, educational systems and programs, law enforcement, and non-profit organizations. I graduated with an MSc in International Migration and Public Policy and an Honours BSocSc in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. In both degrees, I took a particular interest in human rights issues and outcome disparities concerning newcomer and Black families. My youth work has led me to focus on the importance of mentoring and support for newcomers, Black and Indigenous youth (and their families) in the Ottawa region. My previous work positions and academic experiences have provided me with a holistic understanding of Canadian institutional systems and how they affect newcomer, Black and Indigenous students, and their families.

On a more personal note, I am passionate about music, the arts, and how it builds community/ culture. I found so much strength in how the arts have uplifted and given voices to those who have otherwise been voiceless. I also enjoy traveling and look forward to combining my academic + personal passions with more cultural experiences abroad.

In the Centre for Resilience & Social Development, I am a Student and Family Advocate. I work with Black families and students to provide them with institutional support and advocacy to activate systemic change. I work with community partners, parents, students, and schools who wish to empower Black students and families.