About Me

Shukri Hussein is a Master of Social Work graduate from Carleton University. She is working in the role of Mental Health Clinician on the RAJO team, working with youth in schools from a culturally responsive lens. She is passionate about contributing to more equitable mental health services for Black/racialized youth and their families in their school experiences. Shukri has lived experience as a Muslim, Black, Somali- Canadian woman in Ottawa’s public schools and hopes to contribute to strong community resources to meet the specific mental health needs of our communities. She grounds her practice in anti-racism and anti-oppressive approaches through a structural lens. Shukri works to use a sociocultural, trauma-informed, strengths-based, and relational lens to understand and support youth, individual, family, and communities’ experiences in the systems they are situated within. She works collaboratively with clients to center their individual mental health and wellbeing in their relationships to themselves, family and community for a more integrated and healthy sense of self. Shukri is critically hopeful that a generation of supported Black/racialized youth will lead to stronger communities who can and will achieve transformative social justice.