The RAJO (Hope) Project

Rajo applies a holistic approach to address the cultural, social and economic well-being as well as the personal development of Black & racialized youth, adults and families within Canadian society.

School Based Program

RAJO Youth Empowerment Project, Youth assent form and parent consent form

RAJO(Hope) Ottawa

Black & racialized youth and family Empowerment Project based at local Ottawa High School

RAJO(Hope) Edmonton

Black & racialized youth and Family Empowerment Project based located at Edmonton High School

RAJO Ottawa Division
RAJO Edmonton Team
Youth Empowerment Project Services

The RAJO project is aimed to empower Black & racialized youth and families in Ottawa and Edmonton through culturally sensitive engagement strategies. Our outreach works promote ongoing dialogue to identify and address issues that impact Black & racialized youth and Families.

Community Engagement Strategy

Our outreach workers will promote ongoing dialogue to identify and address issues that impact Black & racialized youth and families in our local community 

School Based Programming

Delivering interactive, engaging and youth focused services to support academic excellence and personal growth.

Individual Youth Counselling

Clinical counselors will work alongside clients to address their emotional & psychological needs.

Youth Empowerment

The RAJO (Hope) project is based on the Trauma Systems Therapy for Refugees (TST-R) model which serves as a culturally appropriate intervention for Black & racialized youth  in North America. This four tiered intervention model was adapted to assess and respond to the severe needs of Black & racialized youth and their families in Ottawa and Edmonton. This project takes a multifaceted approach to address mental wellbeing as it relates to trauma, poverty and cultural isolation. These are some of the leading factors that contribute to increased mental health illnesses, substance use and trouble with the law.


Tier One: Community & Outreach Engagement​

Single information sessions are implemented to engage small groups of Black & racialized youth and their families to develop trust between communities and service providers before specific needs are identified. Community engagement starts up to 6 months prior to implementation of services and is ongoing throughout the program.


Tier Two: School-Based Groups

Outreach counselors and clinicians conduct 12 weekly closed-group sessions (1 hour long) for approximately 12-14 weeks on site at identified schools or other locations within the community.


Tier 3 & 4: Individual and Family Therapy

A clinician paired with an outreach counsellor engages in individual and/or home-based family therapy on a weekly basis with youth at schools, agencies, and/or in family homes as appropriate.