Student & Family Advocacy

The SFA will design, develop and deliver the highly-targeted, community-based and culturally relevant advocacy supports, tailored to the needs of Black students and families.

"Aiming to create Black student success for our community, by our community."
Sabrina Teklab
Student & Family Advocate


Funded under the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP) Student and Family Advocates Initiative (SFA), the SFA will design, develop and deliver the highly-targeted, community-based and culturally relevant advocacy supports, tailored to the needs of Black students and families in Ottawa. The aim is to provide a collaborative approach to student and family advocacy by empowering Black parents and students through civic engagement and cultural brokering. This will be achieved through advocacy, support and referrals, mentorship, knowledge-building for parents and students and culturally specific relationship building. 

The Centre for Resilience & Social Development’s SFA will deliver the services to Black youth between the ages 6-25 and their families who seek interventions to meet their educational and career/life goals.


  • Advocate on behalf of students and parents within the educational system
  • Act as a resource and referral hub within the school and community
  • Facilitate greater understanding between parents, teachers, and school administration on issues related to mental health, racial disparities, and anti-black racism


  • Foster civic engagement by engaging Black Parents as volunteer Cultural Brokers that promote knowledge exchange and open communication between parents, teachers, school administration and the community
  • Build capacity and empower youth by mentoring students on navigating the educational system and future career and education planning and supporting student well-being


Services provided will be inclusive, accessible and responsive to Black students and families with diverse intersecting identities and social experiences. Anti-Black racism and its impact on Black students and families is acknowledged, understood and addressed as part of service development and delivery.

Create conditions for Black student success

Black students, families and communities have positive and collaborative relationships with schools and the education system. The goal is for the education system to be informed by the needs of Black students, families and communities, and identify and address systemic barriers to their achievement, equity and well-being.

Address outcome disparities

Black students are better supported and see increases in educational achievement.

Community Collaboration and Systems Advocacy

In collaboration with community partners, participants and schools, SFA will help to amplify the voices and experiences of Black students and families to activate changes in educational systems.

Advocacy on Behalf of Students and Families

SFA advocates on behalf of students and families within school systems/ processes.

Student and Family Empowerment

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